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What are the Advantages of Sea Freight?

Sea freight is advantageous compared to other modes of transport for various reasons.


Most affordable prices for long-distance shipments.

Heavy Cargo Capability

The best option for oversized, bulky and heavy cargo.


Ships carry dangerous cargo and hazardous materials safely.

Environmentally Friendly

Considerably less carbon footprint compared to other modes of transport.

What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a frequent mode of international transport. In terms of speed, sea freight is a very expedient mode of transportation. Especially in import and export logistics systems, the approach that adds the most value to time-saving is sea freight. Logistics sea freight is the process of moving goods between ports by sea, transporting the products, and sending them to the desired location at the desired time.

Even though shipping goods by sea is simple and quick, there are numerous formalities. Professional teams must be brought in to provide support against a variety of challenges, including alleged delivery dates, upcoming transactions, foreign transactions, and similar problems. It can be quite difficult to decide among the many load options and move products from one place to another. However, if you work with the appropriate people, sea freight could turn into your ideal delivery method.

Types of Sea Freight
LCL and FCL are the two different shipment types used in sea freight. If an LCL or FCL shipment is required for your shipment, the shipping company will let you know. The size or tone of the products determines the type of freight that will be used.

LCL (Less Than Container Load)
It is the kind that works well for goods that are too small to fit inside a container in its entirety. In a common container with other shipments, the goods are thus loaded and transported.

FCL (Full Container Load)
It is appropriate for items big enough to go in a single container. The entire container is full of your goods. You will have a dedicated container to transport your large items if you choose FCL.

Why Use Sea Freight?
Although there are many transportation methods, why does sea freight come to the fore? What are the advantages of sea freight?

The answers to these queries, which are perpetually on people's minds who want the best for their companies and goods, may differ depending on the type of company. Because when the import and export processes are taken into consideration, the product comes to the fore. The size, tone, or excess of the product is one of the determining factors in the transportation sector. Sea freight shipping is generally a transportation method in which containers come into play when heavy cargo needs to be transported.

Advantages of Sea Freight
Due to its benefits, sea freight shipping, which is widely used in the logistics industry, makes the cargo process easier. You can use sea freight for delivery to port towns and nations bordering the sea, Thanks to this mode of transportation, which fosters a secure delivery environment, you can acquire practical solutions in international trade. You can also cut costs and time by using sea freight. Let's examine it together.

Cost Effective
For companies wishing to move large quantities of goods, sea transport is the most economical option compared to other modes of transportation. Due to tax duty, sea freight is four to six times less expensive than air freight. Furthermore, sea freight has lower VAT than air freight.

Ideal for Heavy Cargoes
For large vehicles, equipment, components for use in industry, building materials, etc. for the majority of big or oversized cargoes, shipping by sea is the only option. Road transportation is an option, but sea transport is still preferred because it is quick and can carry more cargo.

Dangerous commodities can be transported by ships without incident. The ship's crew is well-versed in handling this kind of cargo, and rules are in place to protect the environment and the ship's cargo. For further security, containers are locked and firmly sealed, and crew members frequently check the cargo while it is in transit.

Sea freight consumes less fuel than other transportation modules. In this way, it is very environmentally friendly as it has less carbon footprint.

In sea freight, the most suitable types of sea freight containers for your goods will be suggested to you by sea freight service providers. You need to determine the mode of transportation based on various factors such as the type of goods and limited time.

You can also choose the journey of your goods with Freight Portal's online sea freight system, which offers the most reliable and comfortable transportation methods available. Whichever method is right for you, Freight Portal offers you the appropriate options. Your products are transported with confidence and dedication.

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