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What are the Advantages of Air Freight?

Air freight is advantageous compared to other modes of transport for various reasons.

Fast and Reliable

The best option to deliver time-sensitive cargo in the fastest time possible.


Reduced risks of loss or damage throughout the process.


Reaching any location in the world with ease.

Reduced Packaging

Lightweight packaging reduces the need for containers and other packaging materials.

What Is Air Freight?

Air freight, the fastest method in modern transportation, is a logistics discipline using cargo planes. Air freight provides fast cargo shipping, especially between long distances. Also, there are types and methods of air freight that vary according to the type of cargo and the distance to be shipped. In this article, all the details of the air freight services and the meaning of air freight are examined in depth.

Air Freight Services

Nowadays, air transport is among the indispensables of the logistics sector and is developing more every day. This leads to an increase in air freight companies and aircraft fleets. It is one of the most important components of international trade, providing fast transportation of goods and supplying goods to every point in the world. Air transport constitutes approximately 35% of international trade in terms of value. In addition, it supplies over 6 trillion US dollars of goods annually.

Types of Air Freight Cargo

Cargo types transported by air are divided into two main groups.

General Cargo
These are products that do not require any extra precautions or special handling during air freight. These products can include high-value goods such as electronics and jewelry. In addition, most consumer and retail products are included in the general cargo group. Examples include hardware and textile products.

Special Cargo
The supply of products belonging to this group is made following certain special regulations. Goods that require temperature control, certain weather conditions and protected storage are characterized as special cargo. Time and temperature-sensitive products, animals, perishable loads, and wet cargo are included in this group.

Advantages of Air Freight
Air freight is a most popular choice for many companies or shippers as it enables the fast transfer of goods anywhere in the world. However, speed and flexibility are not the only advantages of air transportation. The notable benefits of this mode of transportation are as follows:

When a fast supply of goods is required, air transportation is the best solution compared to sea freight or road freight.

High Level of Security
The security checks for air freight are higher than for other modes of transportation. Airport security controls on cargo are strictly managed in a rule-bound manner. Therefore, shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security. Regulated airport controls reduce the exposure of cargo to theft and damage.

Worldwide Supply
Many airlines have an extensive flight network that covers almost the entire world. Thanks to air transportation, goods can be transferred to nearly any destination. Besides, it can provide access to difficult delivery points that other modes of transportation cannot reach.

Most air transport companies offer web-based air freight tracking that allows the real-time status of cargo to be checked from the point of departure to the destination.

Affordable Cost
Air freight shipping is known to be more costly than other types of transportation. However, air cargo transportation takes less time than other types of transportation and the supply of goods is provided safely. This situation reduces insurance costs. Some of the costs are reduced with the money saved from insurance. In addition, in air transportation, cargo is shipped in lightweight packages. This reduces the need for packaging materials and containers.

Air Freight Cost

The main factor determining the cost of air transport is the weight and volume of the goods. Volumetric weight is a calculation method used in air transport. The price is calculated by measuring the volumetric weights of the products. The calculation is as follows:

Volumetric Weight: Number of pieces x (length cm x width cm x height cm)/6000

However, this calculation method is valid if the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of the product. In addition to the weight, the types of goods sent affect the cost. A separate cost calculation is made for the shipments under the general cargo status and separately for the loads under the special cargo status. Another important factor in air transportation cost calculation is the size of the goods. Generally, if the size of a product exceeds 300 cm in

length / 200 cm in width / 160 cm in height, the airline may apply an extra volume weight fee.

Freight Portal is offering its business partners unique solutions for every need regarding air freight. By prioritizing operational excellence and our customer-oriented approach, we provide a safe and fast supply of goods by air transport all over the world.

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